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Hotal Raj Palace

Welcome to Raj Palace

Hotel Raj Palace is known for it's hostage and hospitality. Hotel Raj Palace is located in the heart of Tuljapur which is known for it's pilgrimage and love of the devotees. This hotel fully modernized and always welcoming to it's guest as it provides one of the best facilities such as fully furnished rooms. Everything here is according to the guests wish as we purely believe in ATITHI DEVO BHAVA.

We guarantee our guest of a remarkable stay at the hotel which is also surrounded by a beautiful and rich heritage. The staff here at Hotel Raj Palace are always enthusiastic especially when it comes to serve our guest. The rooms are so spacious and worth that you wouldn't want to miss a stay at Hotel Raj Palace. Accommodation is so spanking and comforting that it would feel just like home. You just wouldn't regret for being a part of Raj Palace Hotel Community. We will always wish for a pleasing and a comfortable stay to our guest.